Unemployment rates across Canada have risen from last month. The results are a more competitive job market.

According to Statistics Canada unemployment hit 7% in May, making education and hands on experience more important than ever for those out of work or hoping to upgrade.

Though almost 26,000 jobs were created in May, the bulk of the work was in part-time positions. More adults are searching for work this month making it harder for those already looking, even more so for those lacking experience. While the numbers are grim looking, construction related businesses suffer from a shortage of skilled workers in Ontario. With so many résumés hoping to land themselves in the hands of employers, prospective workers need to give themselves the edge when it comes to impressing their potential bosses on-paper, if they ever hope to impress them in the work place.

In the construction industry there is no substitute for hands on experience and proper training. There isn’t time for teaching the basics on a job site and new hires are expected to hit the ground running.

The goal at the York Construction Academy is not only educate our students but equip them with all the tools necessary for success. Our program takes new and experienced workers alike and teaches them the core skills essential for anyone looking to get started on their career.