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What Certifications Are Available Through York Construction Academy’s Programs?

Graduates of the Construction Home Renovation program are granted Construction & Home Renovation certificates. Material covered includes Framing (residential and commercial), Finishing, Flooring, Basic Plumbing and Repair, Rough Carpentry and Framing, Window and Door Installation, Blueprint Reading and Sketching, and Basic Electrical Repair.

How Much Practical Experience Is There At York?

Our courses are built on a foundation of theory and hands-on experience. The first portion of the program is in a classroom learning blueprints, planning, sketching and mathematics, as well as health and safety training. The rest of the program is spent working as a team with each classmate, constructing a full house from start to finish.

What Are The Course Schedules? What Is The Difference Between The Full-Time And Part-Time Course?

Full-Time courses are held from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday to Thursday for 12-14 weeks. Part-Time courses are 12 weeks from 9AM to 5PM, but take place on weekends only. Both cover the same curriculum and certifications, however, part-time is more fast-paced with textbook readings being done at home and a larger homework load.

What Does Tuition Include?

Tuition includes: course fees, program materials, tool kit, textbooks. Each student will receive The T2202 is an official income tax receipt issued by educational institutions for tuition tax credit. Each student must determine whether if they are eligible for these tax credits on a personal income tax return based on their own circumstances. All taxes and fees are included in the tuition price.

Do I Need A High School Diploma?

All applicants must provide a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent to be accepted into the program. GEDs and post-secondary transcripts/diplomas are acceptable.

If this is not possible, we will provide an English and Mathematics test in lieu of Canadian education.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes! You will be required to pay a $1000.00 deposit on the date of registration, which is required to secure your spot in the program and will go toward your total payment for the course. After that you have the choice to pay weekly or bi-weekly until cost of the course is paid in full. Please note that students who have not paid for the course by the end of the class will not graduate until all payments are complete.

Is Any Financial Assistance Available?

Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify.  We have different options available for you. Please contact us for further information and to schedule an appointment with us.

Do You Provide Job Search Assistance To Graduates?

Yes, we provide resume development and job search assistance. We also have a 80% graduate employment rate!

Is YCA Accepting Of Women And Members Of The LGBT+ Community?

Our program is all-inclusive, and we work to provide a safe and welcoming place for each and every student. While we can not guarantee the opinions and behavior of other workers in the established industry, we take every step possible to ensure that the work sites we refer to our students are just as welcoming as we are.

Is There Work In The Construction Industry?

At York Construction Academy, we provide an unparalleled education that enables students to work in the construction industry shortly after their graduation. YCA stands out from other Ontario trade schools due to its comprehensive construction training courses, which emphasize hands-on experience. According to the Government of Ontario’s Statistics, the construction industry is thriving, creating new jobs, and keeping the province’s economy moving forward. Building permits in the province have reached a near-record high. It’s the perfect climate for this business to boom and residential construction contributed $41 billion to Ontario’s economy in 2010. In fact, Ontario created 121,300 new jobs (with a large portion of them in this sector) in 2011 – more than 45 % of all jobs created in Canada last year. The industry currently employs 442,500 skilled workers and that number is expected to increase exponentially in the next few years as development in Ontario continues to grow. Over 173 skyscrapers are currently being built in Toronto alone – the most in North America right now. This surpasses even New York City’s projected 96 new skyscrapers.

Trade School vs Community colleges

When looking at options for higher education after high school most adults look toward the traditional college and university routes. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing that route, but it is always better to be fully aware of all options that are available to you.

Learning Environment and Expectations

Trade Schools also known as vocational schools give students education that is specific toward the career they are interested in (i.e., Carpentry, Bakers, Electrician, Plumber and etc.) While offering a more hands-on type of learning.

Community Colleges provide a much more broad and rounded learning curriculum that is centered around theories and lectures that help students build knowledge about a certain field rather than technical skills

Flexibility and Time Consumption

Community colleges are traditionally two years in length and in some cases offer the option to continue into a four-year program after transferring. Community colleges are non-selective about their admittance and have lower commitment regulations. Trade Schools are often 4-12 months in length and have very flexible scheduling meaning you can still maintain a Job while studying at a Trade school and earn your certification in a matter of months.

After Education

Upon completion of a course at a Trade school or a Community college, you receive a certification/ diploma that allows you to start working in your desired career immediately. Both options are offered at reasonable prices. Trade schools are more direct and hands-on while Community colleges have a wider scope of learning which can offer more career options in a field down the road.

If you are looking for a program that can give you the right skills to get a job in a short amount of time you should consider looking into Trade schools.

Difference between Diploma and Certification

The main difference between these two is the time it takes to complete the necessary training/course need to get the diploma/certification. A diploma usually takes about two years to complete and is mostly offered by universities and colleges, a certificate can be obtained anywhere from weeks to a few months and is offered by colleges and training programs/schools.

If you are looking for a program that can give you the right skills to get a job in a short amount of time you should consider looking into Trade schools

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    sunil Dhanjusunil Dhanju
    19:17 14 Oct 23
    I had a fantastic experience at the York Construction Academy. Their comprehensive training program provided me with a solid foundation in construction basics. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and always willing to help. The hands-on learning approach was invaluable, and I felt well-prepared to enter the construction industry after completing the course. I highly recommend York Construction Academy to anyone looking to learn the essentials of construction. Specifically thanks to Nardo, Milan and B.
    13:41 14 Oct 23
    I was a student at york construction academy, without any construction experience, after three months, I acquired alot of knowledge on construction (drywall, tiling, painting, framing, foundation e.t.c.). The instructor are good in teaching you what you need to know and prepare you for the real world.
    Charles NCharles N
    13:38 14 Oct 23
    Great environment to learn, great instructors with great experience. Nardo, a fantastic guy with a huge knowledge. Queen B also very detailed with great mind. Milan is another thoughtful instructor who gave us all to make it through.
    david Kung'udavid Kung'u
    13:37 14 Oct 23
    Best 7weeks of my life
    Huntly XiaoHuntly Xiao
    13:33 14 Oct 23
    Fahmida NasrinFahmida Nasrin
    13:27 14 Oct 23
    York Construction Academy offered a very good training service in this summer semester, 2023.I am excited to go to work as I feel ready to be in construction industry.All the instruction included indept knowledge both in virtual and practical classes along with professional experience.I will recommend York Construction Academy if anybody wants to persu their career in Constructionbussiness.
    maurelle mostolesmaurelle mostoles
    13:24 14 Oct 23
    A place to enhance most of the skills you need. teachers are teaching most of the skills they know for you to be successful in your trade career. Its up to you as a student to learn and acquire all the knowledge they are giving you. the online was long and also good. thanks to Nardo, B and Milan.! good place to learn.
    Ian WilliamsIan Williams
    14:04 18 Sep 23
    Taking this course was one of the best decisions I made for the year. I grew in skill, confidence, and knowledge. B, Nardo, and Steve are so impressive and good at their jobs that I found myself becoming a better person--more hardworking, precise, open, determined. I'm not exaggerating when I say the York Construction Academy course will change your life. The teaching and administrative staff (Nardo, B, Steve, Bora) are EXCELLENT! If you have any questions about your own project, the industry, or the task, they will help you. Their standards are high. I saw my skills improve each day. No time wasted. In three months, you learn everything you need to know. I've used these skills in my own house afterward. To get the most out of the course, you have to commit, trust the teachers, do the work. The classes had people from all over the world, at all stages of life. The tuition is reasonable for the value you're getting. If you're on the fence, even if you're an amateur, don't hesitate. Do it. Your life will change, if you're serious.
    Aditya PrabhuneAditya Prabhune
    02:30 17 Feb 23
    Amazing course. Both the theory (with Nardo) and the practical with B and Milan was fantastic!!Virtual: Nardo is very patient and always provides a great deal of knowledge from his experiences. You learn each of the stages of building a home, and learn some background about condos.Practical: B and Milan are an absolute blast to learn from. They try to create the environment of you working on a job site so you are job ready when you graduate. They help you with better techniques and provide you with insight on how to use material best/efficiently.My only advice would be to give your best in both the virtual and practical because you get what you put in. The instructors are a great resource but ultimately comes down to you if you want to learn the right way!
    Christine NaycaloChristine Naycalo
    15:58 08 Aug 22
    This is an amazing course!! This school is the only school that allows you to take part time classes. During this time, I learned the theory and terminology of the construction industry. Most importantly, I gained the hands on experience with working with tools and learning how to build a house. All the teachers are amazing as they explain everything thoroughly and are helpful in assisting and guiding you to do things correctly.
    Adrian SealesAdrian Seales
    16:33 19 Jul 22
    The Home Reno and Construction program is an excellent technical program for those seeking a job in the booming construction industry. This program covers all the essential topics such as home foundations and framing, flooring, drywall, and painting in a 12 week time frame and provides hands - on training which is essential in mastering any application and building to the Canadian standards/ codes. Outside of the core topics, basics are also taught on electrical work and plumbing, making the curriculum well-rounded. Overall, lectures brought a wealth of knowledge and kept classes engaging and concise. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to transition to the construction industry.
    ernie guidoccioernie guidoccio
    15:48 06 Jul 22
    I recently completed the part time construction course at York Construction Academy and have to say it was a wonderful experience. All the teachers were very knowledgable as well as supportive. Even thought the first half was theory on line, Nardo the instructor was able to make it very interesting, full of excellent tips and fun. Steve and B were both great with the practical part in the second half. Being a real estate agent I initially signed up so I could better advise my clients in the buying and selling of homes but I ended up gaining the confidence to build my own garage which I would have never have dreamed of taking on. You get what you put in so if you’re willing to learn and get a little dirty you won’t be disappointed. You will also make new friends in the process. Since I’ve finished Vlad the owner of the school continues to be helpful with advice and recommendations.
    Patrick LopezPatrick Lopez
    19:08 10 Jan 22
    I went into York Construction Academy without any construction background, but leaving YCA pretty confident with my new set of skills. The school makes you feel welcome regardless of your skill level. Our theoretical instructor, Nardo, was awesome at teaching. Probably one of the best instructors I've ever had. Everything was delivered smoothly. He made sure everyone understood the lessons, went into the smallest details, and answered all of our questions. Steve, and B were great practical instructors that guided us throughout the whole process of building a small house inside the school's facility. The school could also help with job placement if you need one. Kudos to Vlad and the team.
    Shahriar BagherShahriar Bagher
    14:00 26 Sep 21
    Such a professional people. Knowledgeable and skillful. Most importantly, they teach in practical ways. You get to build a whole house in practical classes. Also they will find you jobs if you are interested. They know the right people. Good way to get in the construction game. Comparing to all the materials and tools you use during the classes, it is very reasonably priced. Nardo, Steve, queen B they all are amazing and very passionate people. And Vlad, The boss! Great guys.