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York Construction Academy strives to provide an environment that is both functional and accommodating to all students. Should at any time a student have a concern/complaint regarding any matter related to the school, program, staff or fellow classmates we ask that the following steps be taken to ensure that all complaints are addressed in an appropriate manner:

  • It is required that students submit all complaints in writing to the attention of the Programs Coordinator who is designated to receive and make decisions about student complaints. (Manager/Programs Coordinator. Contact Information: 155 Champagne Drive, Unit #8A North York ON M3J 2C6. Tel: 416-630-5559, Fax: 416- 630-2706, E-mail: [email protected]).
  • Students will have an opportunity to make oral submissions and are entitled to have another person present throughout the complaints process and/or make oral submission on behalf of another student.
  • All complaints and submissions received along with all decisions will be logged in the school’s database in a student specific confidential file in addition to a physical file that will be kept on school premises by the Programs Coordinator for a period of 3 years from the date of the decision, including a copy of the student complaint, any submissions filed and the decision.
  • The maximum period of time between the date the complaint is submitted by a student and the date a decision will be made by the college is 5 business days. Students will receive a decision regarding their complaint, including reasons that the decision is based on, in writing.
  • The Director of the School will validate the decision.
  • Students will be provided with a copy of the complaint, any submissions filed and the decision made.
  • Should for any reason the student not be satisfied with the decision made by the school official, they can refer the complaint to the Superintendent.
    • York Construction Academy welcomes all feedback. Should you have any questions regarding this procedure or have concerns not listed above, please speak with management for directions.

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