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Grade Point Average Definition

Students’ academic standing will be based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA). The grade point average consists of the following.

Study and Work Ethic

  • Punctuality
  • Attitude
  • Work as an individual
  • Team Work
  • Willingness to Obey Rules and Regulations
  • Willingness to Comply Safety Measurements
  • Readiness to Take instructions
  • And other commonsense principles of Study and Work Ethic

Percentage of attempted credit hours completed

Grade Point Average for the following Modules

  • Foundations and blueprint (theory only)
  • Rough carpentry (theory and practicum)
  • Finish carpentry (theory and practicum)
  • Drywall (theory and practicum)
  • Flooring (theory and practicum)
  • Painting (theory and practicum)
  • Basic electrical (theory and practicum)
  • Basic plumbing (theory and practicum)


Midway through the course a written examination is administered to confirm that the students have understood the material presented. Each person must achieve a 70% grade or higher. At the end of the course students must pass both a written and a practical exam with at least a 70% average to have successfully completed the course. Each student is allowed one rewrite for an unsuccessful examination attempt.

Academic Progress Policy

Instructor keeps track of students’ test-by-test progress within the Grading Sheet. While assessing each test instructor comes up with a grade according to the grading system.


Final Grade and Certificate

All the points above are assessed according to the grading system and final grade is deducted to keep track of the student’s overall academic standing progress.

Depending on whether the student meets minimum requirement for Good Academic Standing based on final grade at the end of the program, he will either get the Full Certificate or Participation Certificate:

  • Students who do not earn a minimum 70% will receive Participation Certificate.
  • Students who do achieve the minimum 70% will receive Full Certificate.


If a student wishes to make an appeal regarding the final grades, then the concern should be raised with the instructor. If the student still wishes to appeal after the instructor’s decision, then the concern can be forwarded to the Director for review.

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