Do you like an idea of building, remodelling or renovating houses and apartment buildings, while earning competitive wages? If so, a career in the construction and renovation industry will be perfect for you.

Skilled construction and renovation workers are in high demand throughout Canada, and job opportunities for new workforce will continue to increase as baby boomers retire. According to the Construction Sector Council, the average age of a construction worker in Canada ranges in early 40s.

A variety of construction jobs are available in both urban and rural areas across Canada all year long. To jump start your career in the construction industry, you do not need to have a high school diploma. Once you complete a short-term training program at the York Construction Academy, you will have the skills to begin working as a:

  • Carpenter’s Assistant
  • Electrician’s Assistant
  • Renovations Specialist
  • Construction Worker/Labourer
  • Drywall Installer or Drywall Applicator
  • Framer/ Carpenter
  • Apprentice Carpenter, Rough Carpenter or Finished Carpenter
  • Plumber’s Assistant
  • Acoustical Ceiling Installer
  • Taper/ Plasterer/ Finisher
  • Ceiling Installer

According to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for the period of 2011-2012, average wages for construction labourers and helpers were $20/hour in Ontario and Canada overall. According to the Labour Force Survey (2012), 90% of workers in this occupation worked full-time, compared to the average of 81% for all occupations in Canada. This means that you have a better chance to find full-time employment as a construction labourer than people in other occupations.

As you obtain valuable skills and experience at York Construction Academy, you can build a meaningful career in this sector, progress to senior positions or even start your own business. After gaining the necessary training, skills and connections in the industry through the York Construction Academy, you may decide to take some additional courses and receive certification that will further advance your career.

Learning construction skills costs less than a college or university degree, but with training in construction you can earn as much as or more than holders of college or university degrees.

York Construction Academy collaborates with employers to get you the career you are looking for. Our programs have improved the skills and knowledge of hundreds of graduates as they have secured their dream jobs upon obtaining certification.

With an impressive 80% employment rate, our staff ensures that the students are not only fit for the job, but start the job right away. Students will have a revised resume, learn interview techniques and be referred to top construction companies around the Greater Toronto Area.