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https://yorkacademy.caMiss Evans: Welcome to York Construction Academy! We are a registered private career college with the ministry of training colleges and universities that specializes in construction trades training. YCA officially opened its doors in 2001 and we are proud to say that we have over 1500 successful graduates to date. The programs we offer provide our students with a learning experience that consists of 75% hands-on training and 25% of theory. These programs are specifically designed to prepare our students for new residential construction. Our programs include the following: framing and rough carpentry, which now will include stairs and roofing, window and door installation, drywall installation which includes taping, finishing, plastering and painting, flooring instalment, such as hardwood, laminate and ceramic, tile setting, reading and interpreting blueprints, basic plumbing as well as basic electrical, along with WHMIS, fall protection, and first aid and CPR standard level A with AED. Now lets here what some of our YCA students have to say about their experiences here in the academy.Jerry: My reason for coming to the YCA was basically making a career change, we're all here for different reasons, mine was to enter into the construction field. It's been a really interesting experience. We're learning from the ground up. Everything from foundations to framing, we're just getting into drywall now today actually so that's a new step for us. And so far I'd have to say the instructors are great, administrators are great, real positive environment to learn in, which is key for me. You really get a feel for all the different disciplines that your gonna be entering into. And right now I'd say I have a really good interest in and familiarity with framing and foundations and I wanna build from that now.Benett: I'm basically here at YCA to follow my studies in the field of work which I love. My time here with York is really been interesting. I'm here to pursue my dreams and feel the guide to build and to renovate and do all the big stuff but choosing York they actually made out to what I'm asking for to become this person.Kim: Hi I'm Kim my initial career goal was designing kitchens and baths I've learned a lot of theory a lot of practical hands-on skills, everything from building, foundation, drywall, using power tools. And within 2-3 months I'm surprised at what I've learned. And we learned about perimeter walls, foundations, and we actually took this theory and we applied it on the construction site. What was challenging probably in the beginning was learning how to measure precisely and cut precisely and for me probably learning how to use the big chop saw. So we finish building a whole partition wall, and various pieces we put together were like jacks and kings and they were major studs and we formed a window openings and door openings, and I actually nailed all of this together with my bare hands and also with my colleague my team. We were working on taping, mudding and we did a few coats on that, I got all my hands dirty, and went all over my tshirt, my clothes, and that's probably one of the most fun parts of the course. And finally I think we've come to putting on the decoration, the trims, the casings, for the doors and the windows and the baseboards. And then the part that I'm I always look forward to which is the painting lol.Miss Evans: In addition to our offices, classrooms, and training area, YCA also has on staff a job developer that assists our students with resume writing, career consultation and interview techniques to prepare them for the work force. Our staff works closely with contractors throughout the Greater Toronto Area to stay up to date with the demand in the construction industry.Kim: I just wanted to add a very important point and that is regarding our teacher Joseph, I actually would like to thank him, because many times he has taken his time out to give me the extra patience and explaining, and that way I've been able to excel even faster.Joseph: Hi my name is Joseph, I'm one of the instructors here at York Construction Academy. We have applicants coming in from all walks of life from everywhere in the world. Also we have people that are re-training and we have people that are newbies, people that have never had an electric drill in their hand or an electric saw, or anything like that. And we teach them how to build a unit, a house, a wall, a structure, and just about anything. And we teach them one step at a time, how we build a house. We do the theory in the classroom, then we go to the back where we put the theory into practice. And you can do it, it's not hard, all you have to do is learn how to do it. And we teach you that here at York Construction Academy. This is why our school has become very very popular. We have a very very good fill rate. Because when people go out from here, they know exactly what has to be done and how to do it.Miss Evans: Our campus also includes the following: a large work area where students partake in the physical aspect of our programs, full-time weekday programs, and part-time weekend programs. Our instructors are highly trained and licensed in the industry. And YCA has an excellent reputation with employers throughout the construction sector.Ali: I chose this academy because it is within my budget, and have everything which I really need to enter this trade. Here I found a very friendly and professional staff like Miss Evans and other teachers. After completing 2 months in here, I'm quite happy with my choice and if your looking for some kind of trade school which can make you ready for this trade, then I will say, come and join us.Student: This is and I'm really satisfied for this school, it's excellent.Miss Evans: With an overall 93% employment success rate, York Construction Academy will continue to provide our students with the right tools to build a successful career in the construction and renovations industry.Kim: Here at York Construction Academy, I've learned many methods. And I'm really looking forward to performing these methods in the future.Follow YCA:
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